When you are working with Subversion  for source control and when you want to create a branch from a  stable code revision  of a trunk or wanted to move the released code to tags, you can do this by the simple command shown below.

in order to create a Branch from a specific revision of trunk see the syntax below.

svn copy  -r <em>revision_number</em>   <em>trunk_url</em>     <em> branch_url</em>  -m ""



svn copy -r 2000 https://krish:8443/svn/krish/iphone/trunk
https://krish:8080/svn/krish/iphone/branches/NewBranch_1_0 -m
 " Create a Branch - Branch Creation from revision 2000"



Basic SVN Commands

These are the basic commands you use mostly when working with Subversion.
  • svn checkout/co
  • svn add
  • svn propset
  • svn delete
  • svn commit/ci
  • svn diff
  • svn move

    For usage and syntax you can type the svn command -h in terminal.


For more information on subversion, Please refer this link.