The iPhone 5s is rapidly approaching its first birthday, after being launched by Apple in September 2013. That means Apple is preparing to launch its next iPhone, presumably called the iPhone 6. But what will the difference between the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 be? We investigate the rumored new features to help give you an idea of what to expect.

When is iPhone 6 coming out?

If you are familiar with apple regular product launch cycle then you know the answer. iPhone launches and release dates since way back in 2007, which has stood us in good stead for what to expect from Apple with regards to its new smartphones. The most obvious thing that jumps out to us is that Apple hasn’t launched a new iPhone outside of the five months between June and October – with a particular fondness for September.

Previous iPhone release dates:

To help you get a better idea of Apple’s iPhone history, here are the release dates of its iPhones since the very first one was unveiled in 2007.

iPhone 1st gen June, 2007
iPhone 3G July, 2008
iPhone 3GS June, 2009
iPhone 4 June, 2010
iPhone 4s October, 2011
iPhone 5 September, 2012
iPhone 5s/5c September, 2013

the Mirror is reporting that the iPhone 6 will launch on September 19 in 32GB and 34GB, citing a report. And the website MacRumors has slated a release for the third Friday of the ninth month which is in line with previous launches.

iPhone 6 rumours at a glance

  • iPhone 6 Release date: September 2014
  • iPhone 6 Screen sizes: 4.7- to 5.5-inches (or both)
  • iPhone 6 Price: Same as existing: 16GB £549, 32GB £629, 64GB £709
  • iPhone 6 possible new features:
    • Up to 128GB internal storage or expandable storage
    • Better camera
    • New iOS 8 operating system
    • Heart rate EarPods
    • NFC chip
    • A8 processor
    • Wireless charging
    • Will work with Apple’s rumoured iWatch
    • Sapphire glass and LiquidMetal design

iPhone 6 rumours: Design


In addition to the bigger screen, we expect that the iPhone 6 will have a bit of a new design. The latest rumours and leaked images suggest that the iPhone 6 will have little or no bezels, and many suggest that the iPhone 6 will have a thinner, lighter chassis.




iPhone 6 rumours: Camera


It’s highly likely that the iPhone 6 will have a better camera than the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5s has an 8-megapixel camera with an f/2.2 aperture, but rumour has it Apple is planning on boosting that to a 10-megapizel camera with an f/.8 aperture and an improve filter, according to Chinese website IT168.


Rather than adding loads of new pixels to the camera like some of its rivals, Apple is apparently going to focus its camera improvements in other areas such as image stabilisation and image enhancements.


iPhone 6 rumours: NFC?


Until recently the idea of having an iPhone with NFC technology was desirable, but ultimately wishful thinking. Well, it looks as if the tide may have changed with sources now suggesting that the iPhone 6 could feature some sort of NFC chip.


Our friends over at Macworld UK, reported on Apple filing for a new patent covering NFC, that could be used for mobile payments and also for iPhones to talk to each other.


iPhone-5s-vs-iPhone-6-comparisoniPhone 5s vs iPhone 6: Screen size

First things first let’s talk about screen size. Expect bigger from the iPhone 6, that’s for sure.

The iPhone 5s has a 4in display, which for a flagship smartphone in 2014 is actually pretty tiny. Even mini versions of flagship phones from Samsung, LG and HTC have displays bigger than 4in.

It’s widely expected that the iPhone 6 will have a 4.7in display. There’s also talk of a second new iPhone coming this year, this one dubbed iPhone Air with a 5.5in display.

The screen of the iPhone 6 could also be higher resolution than the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5s has a 326ppi display, but it’s possible that the iPhone 6’s display could have a pixel density of up to 538ppi like the LG G3. 

iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6: Design

Not only is the iPhone 6 expected to have a bigger screen, it’s also expected to have a significantly different design to the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone 5s has straight edges, but it looks like the iPhone 6’s edges will be rounded, a bit like the iPad Air and iPod touch. It’s also expected to be thinner than the iPhone 5s’s 7.6mm.

Apple could achieve this thinner and lighter design through the use of super-durable sapphire glass for the display, combined with lightweight and strong Liquidmetal, which Apple has exclusive rights to use.

This means that, not only will the iPhone 6 be lighter and thinner than the iPhone 5s, it should also be less likely to scratch, crack or shatter.

Several allegedly leaked photographs of the iPhone 6’s back seem to suggest that the iPhone 6 will have an illuminated Apple logo on the back. The iPhone 5s’s Apple logo is made of metal.

It’s thought that the iPhone 6’s power button might be on the side of the device instead of on the top like it is in the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone 6 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2014, and with Apple’s iPhone 5s now nearing its first birthday, iPhone 6 rumours are flooding in. We’ve collected all of those rumours into one place, so you’ll know everything there is to know about the iPhone 6 until Apple actually announces the device later this year. We’ve investigated the possible iPhone 6 release date, iPhone 6 price rumours, spec rumours and new iPhone 6 features.

iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6: Features & specs

In addition to the changes we can expect to see on the outside of the iPhone 6, you can also expect significantly improved internal specs. The iPhone 5s has a powerful A7 processor, so we’re expecting an even better A8 processor in the iPhone 6.

There’s an M7 co-processor in the iPhone 5s that’s expected to carry across to the iPhone 6, and both iPhones will share the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

We’ve heard rumours about a bigger and better battery in the iPhone 6, but some of that extra power could be used up by the iPhone 6’s bigger display.

Other additions that we could see in the iPhone 6 include wireless charging, an NFC chip, 802.11ac WiFi and a new 128GB option, none of which are available in the iPhone 5s.

iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6: Camera

The camera in the iPhone 6 is likely to represent a significant improvement over the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5s has an 8Mp camera with an f/2.2 aperture, but rumour has it that Apple is planning on boosting that to a 10Mp camera with an f/1.8 aperture and an improved filter. Image stabilisation and other image editing enhancements are expected, too.

iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6: Price & availability

The iPhone 5s is available to buy from Apple now, with a starting price of £549. The iPhone 6 is expected to become available in September, and will probably have a similar starting price.i’ll update this article when we find out more about the iPhone 6 release date and price, as well as the design, specs and new features you can expect from the new phone