Is your Mac running slow I have a fix for you. Fine tuning the Mac for best performance is pretty easy. Mac is capable of doing lot of heavy duty tasks with ease but often we see it gets slower and slower with simple tasks to perform. When you try to bring activity monitor to see what’s taking your processor time you’ll be suprised to see that processor is sitting ideal around 90% of the time. There are few simple tricks which get your Mac to perform much faster like as it is a new Mac.


There will be two reason why the Mac gets slower, one. is not enough processing power to deal with or not enough memory to do the job. Both of these may not be the cause if you are Mac is working fine earlier. You can always upgrade the hardware to get the desired performance, however with few simple tricks and you can fine tune your Mac to work best for you.


Turning off Spotlight indexing:
This will get you all the performance you need by little trade of convinces , indexing is done to get the spotlight searching to be super fast, indexing  will be running all the time in the background and it takes a lot of memory and processr. Moreover if your a developer and you wouldn’t mind getting things done yourself then making your development slower at times you would be frustrated to work with this kind of slowness.

Follow the instructions below to turn off the spotlight indexing. and you can always turn it back on when you need them.

Go to system preferences 

Then spotlight settings

Then select the Privacy Tab as shown belo


Now you can select the folder or path which have the most data files, I prefer the entire hard disk selection.

Select the hard disk and then choose.


Thats it your done now immediately you see huge performance improvement in your Mac.
Repairing the disk permissions

Repairing the disk permissions will also help you. Open disk utility click first Aid and wait for it to complete.

Making sure you have enough memory for virtuall Ram.

Cleanup all the junk regularly, so that we have enough space to load all the heavy duty applications.