More than 7 months after its official release, iOS 8 has now passed 80% adoption as a version of Apple’s latest mobile operating system is running on 81% of active devices, according to Apple’s App Store Distribution data. The new data puts iOS 8 up two points since this time two weeks ago. The remaining devices include 17% running a version of iOS 7, which is where the upgrades came from, while 2% of devices measured have iOS 6 or earlier.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 10.32.27 am

To be more specific, iOS 8 is sitting at an adoption rate of 81% which is a pretty decent jump from last month where it was sitting at 75%. Based on the rate iOS 8 is being adopted by users, we wouldn’t be surprised if it manages to hit the 90% mark or beyond ahead of iOS 9’s release which should be in the later part of the year.

Like we said before iOS 8 was a bit slow to be adopted out of the door compared to iOS 7. This is because the changes made in iOS 8 weren’t as drastic compared to that of iOS 7. Not to mention many users of older iOS devices found that upgrading to iOS 8 slowed their devices down significantly.

What it means to developers ?

Well, it gives a lot of flexibility to choose the minimum supported version for your app at the same time we can take advantage of latest features of the app. Apple have already pushed the developers to updated their apps to iOS 8 by June 1st.



That being said we have to wonder what iOS 9’s adoption will be like, and more importantly what will it bring to the table?