ios-8-beta-5-topApple is putting the finishing touches on iOS 8 ahead of its fall release, and while previous betas brought some surprising new features, the release of iOS 8 beta 5 is mostly full of tiny tweaks, bug fixes and a few small new additions.


Most of the changes might go unnoticed by most users, but iOS 8 beta 5 has a few nice surprises that refine the iOS 8 experience that will make your iPhone feel new once its released in the fall.

QuickType toggle

QuickType, which has been renamed to just Predictive after WWDC, can be toggled by swiping up on your keyboard, or you can press and hold the emoji icon to bring up the updated Predictive keyboard toggle.

iCloud photo optimization

For those using iCloud Photo Library, iOS 8 beta 5 adds the options to Optimize iPhone Storage by only using “device-optimized versions” of photos, or you can choose to Download and Keep Originals if you’re not worried about the Photos app sucking up gigs of space.

Faster Spotlight

Pulling up Spotlight by pulling down on the homescreen is now wicked fast. Spotlight pulls up near instantaneously.

New icons in

Along with adding new options for your Medical ID, iOS 8 beta 5 changes the body icons in the Health app to a fit yellow stickman.

iCloud icons

The icons for iCloud Drive, Backup and Keychain all received an upgrade to give the icons a unified blue and white look.

Wi-Fi Calling

When you use Wi-Fi calling, now the menu bar at the top of your iPhone displays “T-Mobile Wi-Fi.” Wi-Fi calling was added in previous iOS 8 betas, but T-Mobile is still the only U.S. carrier that supports the feature.

More like

  • Photos app now displays the location where the photo was taken above the photo.
  • iOS restore screen now uses a red iTunes icon
  • “Last Updated” information for iCloud sync in Photos
  • Option to Export Health Data in
  • Continuity SMS sync now called SMS Relay, can be enabled/disabled
  • Privacy settings for Health
  • New sound after a voice message is sent in Messages
  • Home Data renamed to HomeKit in Settings > Privacy

  • Minor sorting method change in Settings > General > Restrictions

  • Spirometry data types have been added to HealthKit

  • Swiping down to open Spotlight is much faster

  • New Spotlight blur on older devices

  • Brightness controls have been removed from Wallpaper settings panel