Hi Every one,

New users to Mac OS from Windows will face the problem with the command key. In order to change the CMD key to CTRL key as it is in windows please follow the instructions below.

How to change Command key (Windows key) to Control key ?
1. Click on Apple menu(Top of the screen left side). or click on Spotlight and type System Preferences.

2. Choose the System Preferences from menu or Spotlight.

3. Click on Keyboard. Let the dialog open up (Make sure your in Keyboard tap).

4. Click on modifier keys button (at the right side bottom of the window ). Let the dialog open up.

5. Choose the Control key as Command key from drop down selection.
6. Choose the Command key as Control key from the drop down selection.
7. Click ok and close the window.

Now you can see the settings taking affect immediately.

Any comments will be helpful.