You can grant access and other permission rights to certain users or groups in Windows XP. Setting permissions allows users or groups to access and even modify certain files and folders that you have stored on your computer or network.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


    1. Press the “Start” button at the bottom of your computer screen so the Start menu is displayed. Right-click on “My Computer” on the right side of the Start menu and choose “Explore” from the shortcut menu. The My Computer window will open on the screen.

    2. Browse to find the file or folder to which you want to set the permissions. Right-click on the file or folder that needs permissions set and choose “Properties” from the shortcut menu. The Properties dialog box will open.

    3. Select the Security tab from the top of the Properties dialog box. The Security dialog box will display. The names of the users or groups that currently have access to the file or folder will be listed at the top of the dialog box.

    4. Choose the users or groups that you want to give permission to the selected file or folder by clicking on them. This will allow these users or groups to access the file or folder at the lowest permission level.
    5. Add a check mark to the boxes that give the user or group certain types of permissions in the “Permission” section. This will set the permission level of each user or group.

           6. Click “OK” twice to close the Security and Properties dialog boxes. The My Computer window can also be closed at this time.