Hey Buddy!

Today I’d like to briefly explain how to create a wireless access point using your Mac mini with out any extra cost.

What you need to have is:
1. Mac mini
2. Mac OS X lepord or higher.
3. Internet connection(Ethernet).

Note: Mac mini should have internet connection through Ethernet(Must be wired)

Steps to setup:

Step 1:

Open  System Preferences.


Step 2:

Click on sharing.

Step 3:

Now you can see the sharing window((if locked)Unlock the lock by clicking on it and authenticating with admin  password)

Step 4:

Step 5:

  Uncheck  if ” Internet sharing” is checked.

Step 6:

  Set “Share your Internet connection from:” to Ethernet, and  set “To computers using:” to Airport.


Step 7:

Click “Airport options.”

Step 8:

A dialog box where you can enter the SSID(Wifi name)(ignore the next two steps if you don’t want wifi to be password protected).

Step 9:

Choose the WEP security check box to  set password for wifi.

Step 10:

Select the 48 bit or 128 bit encryption . Once you’ve done this, click “OK.”


Step 11:

Click the check-box next to “Internet Sharing” in the left pane of the System Preferences window.


You’ll be asked for confirmation. Click “Start” turn on the sharing.

Now open any other device (i.e any laptop or phone). search for wireless network.

you will find the network created just now. select and input password(if  any).

now you can enjoy the internet where ever you go without a wired connection.

Thanks .