Apple iTunes extends its footprint to India

The wait is over, the Apple fans out there; get ready to enjoy desi and International music from iTunes stores.

Apple has made the iTunes store live in India and few other countries with the rolling out of the iTunes 11. iTunes store has been launched in Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, South Africa and 52 other countries.

Not just tunes but the users in India and Indonesia will also have access to high-definition movie purchase and rentals. Though the expansion has been to many countries the movie facility has been provided just to the two countries in Asia.


In iTunes store, you can start downloading individual songs for around Rs 7 to Rs 15 each and an album would cost around Rs 70. There is also an option called iTunes Match, where users can access and buy songs from sources other than iTunes through the cloud network. The entry of iTunes store to the online music world in India would spark off intense competition with the likes of, Dhingana and Saavn. Only few days back Saavn had announced the availability of International music in their online store. It seems that it was actually a move from Saavn to prepare for the upcoming competition with iTunes store.

Video albums would cost Rs 15 per track and movies would be costing around Rs 290 to Rs 490. There is also a scheme to rent movies for a month, which would cost Rs 80 for a Bollywood movie and Rs 120 for a foreign movie.

The  pricing of the content is reasonable  with individual songs starting at Rs 7 and music albums Rs 70. In the US, iTunes Store tracks cost more than $0.99 apiece. A high-definition version of a movie like Ek Tha Tiger is available for purchase at Rs 490, while a standard version costs Rs 290. Users also get the option to rent the title for Rs 120 (HD) , or for Rs 80 (standard).

Apple’s expansion brings the iTunes Music Store to 119 countries in total. China is still off the list, though it does have apps and local currency support.

Indian online music market is on the rise though the internet penetration is still very low at 10%. The content firms are still concerned about the high degree of piracy issues existing in both India and Indonesia which can potentially drain off their revenue streams. It is good news for music lovers in India as they get hands to another online store which will have a rich mix of desi and international music. Apple TV would also reach Indian shores soon with the availability of iTunes store