As we all know the number of the products increasing for iOS, there is some good news for iOS developers. Apple has quietly increased the number of devices that can be registered to their developer account from 100 to 200.Apple_gray_logo

Since the launch of the App Store, Apple has allowed only 100 devices/UDIDs to be registered per developer license per year.


Although developers can remove devices from their account, they still get counted against their 100 device per year limit.

The 100 device limitation has been one of the biggest pain points for developers, especially since Apple has expanded its iOS product lineup to include the iPad and iPad mini. It is also extremely restrictive for companies that created number of apps per year.


Apple hasn’t updated its support documentation, so it is not official yet. but the before the rumored iphone lunch event updating this news defiantly helps the developers.

If you’re a developer we would love to know what you think of Apple’s decision to increase the UDID limit. Should Apple remove this restriction? or at least keep this cap at an app level?