Traditionally Apple has made its mark with black & white and unibody designs. Except for the iPod product line we haven’t seen any other colorful products.

The Internet on Monday lit up over reports that the next iPhone, set for unveiling on Sept. 10, could be available in black, white and gold. If Apple does indeed launch a gold iPhone, it would be the first color added to the iconic device since its debut in 2007.

According to reports from TechCrunch and All Things D, gold will join black and white as options for Apple’s next smartphone. Both reports claim the iPhone won’t feature a gaudy gold, such as you might see on a gold bar, but more of a champagne color. The phone will have a white face with a golden tone on the backplate and edging.

Apple declined to comment.

The addition of gold would not be a big deal here, but “huge” in China, says Tim Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies.


If Apple comes with new color’s like gold as rumored, It may appeal to more audience.

Apple always try to comes with the owe factor for the products it launches. However the next event is rumored to be happened on september 10 could be the speck bumped version of iPhone 5 with finger print censer as a differentiator. May be it can retain that owe factor with new IPhone 5c as it is rumored to be targeted for emerging markets like India and china as a lower price model. we never knew what apple has in its box untill it announces. The big giant believes in surprise and maintains the tight secrecy.

ios7 beta3 status icons

As we all know how the iOS 7 changed the traditional look of iOS with colors. Apple may chose to change black & white iPhone to be your favorite color iPhone.

Let me know which color iPhone you would like to have.