Most rumors suggest that Apple’s next iPhone will look just like the current one, the iPhone 5. While that may be true of the so-called “iPhone 5S,” it certainly won’t be for the handset Apple releases in 2014.

JohnnyPlaid, posting on Behance, has published an inventive “iPhone 6” concept design. As you can see, the designer visualizes a handset that is bigger than the iPhone 5. In addition, the model includes an edge-to-edge display. The concept also includes an all-new aluminum carbon fiber unibody enclosure that makes it 40 percent lighter, and 60 percent stronger than the sixth-generation iPhone.


JohnnyPlaid’s iPhone also does away with the iconic home button. Instead, the entire bottom surface area has multi-touch gesture support.

Finally, the concept imagines a “Retina 2” display that includes a graphene protective layer. Described as “having the thickness of just one carbon atom, graphene is the strongest known material. A single layer of graphene is virtual indestructible.”



While only a concept, this design does include features that have long been rumored to be coming to future Apple handsets.

So, lets us know what do you think about this new concept.