Galaxy Note 3

Samsung has announced a redesigned Galaxy Note 3 with a slimmer design and larger screen. Though the phone’s front looks similar to its predecessors, Samsung has made some tweaks to the design, covering the plastic back with an apparent faux-leather finish in three colors, adding a metallic sheen to the plastic sides, and redesigning the S Pen. The screen has grown to 5.7 inches from the Note II’s 5.3, and it weighs in at a slightly lighter 168g. It’s 8.3mm, about a millimeter thinner than its predecessor, with 3GB of RAM, a 2.3GHz quad-core processor on its LTE model — another 3G version will use a 1.9GHz octocore processor — and a 13-megapixel rear camera. Samsung has even promised that the phone can shoot 4K video.Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3-front-back.jpg-640x488

Samsung also touts new software and better multitasking, one of the Note’s major selling points given its large form factor. A launcher called Air Command is designed to make the S Pen more useful, bringing up a menu of tools that let users organize and act on handwritten notes: one given example is jotting down a number, then using new software to save it in the address book or call it directly.Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3-view-covers-colors-640x329

While we don’t have pricing details, the Note is set to launch on September 25th in 149 countries, then worldwide by October. In the US, versions will come to all major carriers: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular are all listed as partners.

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Galaxy Gear smartwatch

Samsung is not the first manufacturer to debut a smartwatch — Sony and Pebble, notably, are already in the space — but it is the most noteworthy, especially given its runaway success against Apple in the smartphone market. With the success of crowdfunded projects like the Pebble watch, as well as the once growing popularity of iPod Nano wrist watch kits/bands, the smartwatch arena has seemingly become a focus for the big league gadget companies, as Apple, Google and Microsoft have all been attached to reports of developing products of their own. The Galaxy Gear, then, becomes the largest, most-hyped smartwatch launch announcement to date.

Galaxy Gear smartwatch

The Galaxy Gear will retail for $299 starting on September 25th.

Lets see what Apple brings counter attack Samsung on September 10th event.