We are hearing this things from years that open source is the future of the world ,everything will be open source in future but i don’t think it is possible in a logical way ,i know i sound very strange and against the majority but i know whatever point and example i am going to give is very true in real world .


Wherever we go we heard Linux is secure than windows ,the fact is true a bit but there are some point which i think must consider before we compare anything ,as for example if we have to compare two matrices we must see each and every row and column to compare them same i m doing here .


Can any one guess what is the ratio of the Linux user and windows user ,its almost  zero . Now we know more user we got in any OS or any system or any real world the more exploit can be detected .



In today age software are getting user friendly more and more which also increases the security risk .There are two major things due to which security risk increasing day by day first is software is getting user friendly and second is increasing networks . in the first the there are decreasing in skill level and we all know window is much more user friendly then any of the linux.



Very few know this fact that almost same number of security patches has been released for linux as for the windows ………………………………………………

PS- i love linux but these are the few facts cannot be ignored

Now till now whatever you read is out of the topic but i just  go outside because i want to compare two great OS ,in which one is open source and another is not .

Now come to the point why open source cannot be future and why everything cannot be open source



Now suppose a condition where everything is open source  as we heard from ages .

Every single peace of software is open source ……………………….

Now you go to an ATM machine which has a software Which is open source ,Now as we know Open Source can be edited a cracker programmed your ATM machine software such that any transaction made he will get .1% of the amount or let say .001% this is what u would not notice . now tell me is it secure to have open source as ATM software

Now suppose a condition where there is an bill generation office which will generate electrical and  telephone bill both suppose an attacker exploit the open source code and remotely took print out of the bill now he took the bill and go to the driving license office and tell them that his license was stolen or and he want to make a new one ,they will only ask for address prove now attacker give address prove and name of the person and his driving license will be made by the license authority with name of the victim and photo of the attacker ,now he goes to the credit card company and show same address prove and his new license ,they are willing to issue the credit card so they issued it as they think attacker was a genuine person ,now that person go to any car showroom and pick a car of 2 -3 lakh or he shopped for him,so where the bill will go

Above example is a very good example of a social engg. Skill

Open source VS market

As we all know open source means the software whose code is free available in layman language.

Free means programmer is not going to paid ,so who the hell is going to work for free ,programmers have there own family and they also have to feed them ,so there is no point that they are going to work for free and if yes then they will not give full efficiency  because there is no money in it .

2nd point is that when everything is free then there will be no competition so there will be no R&D because ,R&D department is only for making any company above in competition ,so there will be no quality and no seriousness at all .

In last i know its very controversial topic but you may ignore these point right now but in future they will be the main problem ……………………………..