Developers often face the issue that newly added UDID’s like tester and clients  compliant that they were unable to install the app. We will be wondering  Is there a way to see what UDID are included in a build?.

Yes, We can verify the UDID’s included in the build  with the following simple steps.


  1. Get the iPA/build file.
  2. Change the file extension to zip (ex. Demo.ipa to
  3. Unzip/unarchive the zip file.
  4. New directory Payload will be created.
  5. Open the Payload.
  6. Package file should be there with APP Name.
  7. Right click on the File, select the “Show Package Contents”.ipa_Contents
  8. All the resources and binary file will be listed. Search for file named “embedded.mobileprovision”
  9. Open the embedded.mobileprovision file in any text Editor.
  10. find the key ProvisionedDevices. you should be seeing the list of UDID’s if you have added any.Provisoned devices

Hope this would help you out. Let me know your comments and suggestions.