How to enable remote desktop in Mac to login from windows

Its true, you can Control your Mac from windows easily and  for free. Yes, there is a way we can access the Mac machine from windows machine. We all been there where we have to get to use Mac but at the moment we had windows machine alone with us. There are several alternatives to access mac from windows machine but the best and easiest one is mentioned below. Control your Mac from windows with the following step

Mac has a built in VNC server. Go to System Preferences -> Sharing -> Screen sharing.

Screen Sharing Please keep a note of the machine name instead of iP, because even if  iP changes you should be able to Control your Mac from windows.

Set a Password for security

Screenshare VNC Password

Then get a free VNC viewer for your PC, eg.

you can use the same hostname without worrying about a changing IP address. 

How To Enable SSH on Your Mac

SSH (or Secure Shell) is a great service to enable on your Mac at home or work. This useful tool not only enables the ability to remotely access the command line interface of your Mac, but also to remotely access your files through a secure FTP (SFTP) connection, which gives you the ability to transfer files at will. Read on to find out how to transfer files between your own computers over a secure network connection using any modern FTP program. Control your Mac from windows using Putty or some other ssh clients.

Enable SSH on your Mac

Next, we’ll enable SSH on the Mac you’re going to be accessing remotely. Navigate to System Preferences > Sharing.

SSH Enabling